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Flow: Enhanced RC + Extended Watchlist = confusing behaviour for topic creation
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Hhhippo reports at

"On my watchlist (with both tog-usenewrc and tog-extendwatchlist enabled), I see today's edits to Talk:Sandbox‎ by Nirmos and EBernhardson both listed as belonging to topic [[User:Nirmos]], while in fact EBernhardson edited a different topic.

It's fine with tog-usenewrc disabled, and both edits are shown with tog-extendwatchlist disabled, so they are to some extent recognized as belonging to different "pages".

Update: It's the topic creations, not the comments that behave like this. I'd suggest they should be shown as edits of the board, not of one of the topics.

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This is almost certainly related to the removal of semi-redundant entry that we did have (it used to display an entry for the Topic-creation, and another entry for the First-Post).

Now on trello at


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