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Flow QA collapse browsertest should stop testing moderation
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The scenario "For a moderated post, a mode cycle with no user override keeps it hidden" is broken. Its background creates then hides a topic, and then the test asserts

Given I am on Flow page 
Then I should not see a moderated message on the first moderated topic

In fact the moment Flow reloads a page (the "Given I am on Flow page"), the hidden topic that this test creates vanishes altogether. Often there happens to be a locked topic (which remains visible) lower down on the page, and the test finds it and fails at

features/collapse.feature:65:in `Then I should not see a moderated message on the first moderated topic'

So the test is irrelevant[1] and it intermittently fails.

I rewrote the test in gerrit 164720 to "remove moderated notion from collape tests". But we will remove the collapse switcher feature (Topics and posts > Topics only > Small topics) altogether when we implement a TOC for Flow boards, so it's probably easier to just kill that one part of the test right now.

[1] The actual feature to test is unrelated to collapsing, it is

Given I hide (or delete or suppress) a topic
Then ...
When I reload the page
Then I should not see hidden, deleted, or suppressed topics

gerrit 164655 is a step towards this.

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this patch removes the test completely. I would like to remove the test completely until the behavior is sane:

Change 166727 had a related patch set uploaded (by EBernhardson):
J-2e Remove all collapsing functionality


Change 166727 merged by jenkins-bot:
J-2e Remove all collapsing functionality