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Special-case edit conflicts where content is added to the end of a section and a new following section is inserted
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From tgr on wikitech-l:

Another low-hanging fruit would be to special-case the situation when
editor A adds text to the end of a section but does not start a new
section, while editor B adds a new section to the same place. This is
currently a conflict as they both try to insert to the same "slot" between
paragraphs, so a generic merge tool cannot figure out whether those
additions conflict and what would be the right order if they don't;
however, knowing the semantics of wikitext, inserting the text from A first
and the one from B after that seems a pretty safe bet. This kind of
conflict is very typical on talk pages where people almost always edit the
end of a section, and the few "hot topic" sections get the majority of the

Seems sensible.

Version: 1.25-git
Severity: enhancement
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(In reply to Umherirrender from comment #1)

Sounds a bit like bug 22783

Yes, but this would occur for non-terminal sections too, I think?

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