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On the project page, it is not indicated that the "Open Tasks" list is incomplete
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Reported upstream:

At, for example,, we get a "quick" list of 10 open tasks in that project. The only suggestion that this might not be a complete list of all open tasks in that project is the tiny "View All" button in the top-right corner.

It needs to be made much clearer that the task list on the project page itself is incomplete. Presumably it is the 10 most recently active/most recently created tasks?

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Interesting perspective. More feedback is welcome before deciding whether we should upstream this request. The fist would be simple, just change "Open Tasks" for something like "Top tasks", "Most relevant tasks", or something.

The sample of 10 tasks show the most relevant in terms of priority.

This gets a +1 from me. It's a personal bugbear of mine with the Phabricator UI. How about "Recent Tasks"?

In T75698#796106, @asb wrote:

How about "Recent Tasks"?

As said, the 10 tasks listed by default are sorted by top priority, not by most recent.


This is one of those tasks where a patch would make wonders. :)

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Fixed upstream. Now the string says "Highest Priority (some | all)". See an example at