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Can not delete column in project workboard
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I created a workboard for the #wikimedia-continuous-integration project by import columns from the Releng team project. I end up with columns I am not interested but apparently lack sufficient rights to delete them.

Since I did an import, I expect the two projects boards to be separate entities and thus editing the #wikimedia-continuous-integration would not impact the Release-Engineering-Team one.

The workboard:

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As far as I know, you cannot delete columns, but you can hide them.

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Upstream: Deleting was possible once upon a time but created problems hence hiding is possible.

Why is hiding not sufficient in your case?

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So complained that it was no more possible to delete columns and was fixed by adding a "deleted" status to columns. And renamed 'Delete' to 'Hide' in the interface :-]

So yeah, hide will work for me. I did not want to hide the mess under the carpet, once this bug.

Thank you both!

@hashar @Aklapper unable to figure out how to change the status of a column so that they get deleted. could you help explain?

@srishakatux Phabricator removed support for deleting columns and instead they can only be hidden. The end result is the same, the column no more shows up on the workboard which all that matter. That looks good enough to me.