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can't search for assigned to wikidata-bugs after migration
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It currently seems not possible to search for bugs assigned to wikidata-bugs after migration the migration from Bugzilla to Phabricator. We might not need to fix this, but maybe we need to make sure we didn't loose a bug, that was assigned but was not in a wikidata project.

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You can do this using Maniphest's adanced search.

This is the list of all tasks where wikibugs-l is CCed:

You can fine tune that query filtering out the Wikidata related projects, in order to find the ones out of "your domain".

Ok, I missed that assigned was copied to cc, as that solves this: "Assigned To: Default mailing list accounts (Pywikibot, Wikidata) have been ported T496 and set as subscribers (CC)." -