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memsess_key undefined in matchEditToken if $wgSessionsInMemcached is false
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Author: alan.harder

Found this with 1.6.3, seems the same in current svn.

includes/User.php function matchEditToken calls memsess_key, but function
SetupSession only includes MemcachedSessions.php if $wgSessionsInMemcached is true.

I got a PHP error from this when clicking "Show Changes" during editing a page,
but tried a few other times on other edits and show changes worked ok. So,
don't know how to reliably reproduce, but the code does seem to expect that
function when it might not be included.

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal



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Live debugging hack accidentally committed.

Fixed on trunk in r13651; in REL1_6 in r13652.