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Create a handful of services-related projects
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We need several new projects for services:

  • services-rfcs (for architecture-related services issues, so that people can subscribe to them)
    • type: tag
  • RESTBase
    • type: project
  • restbase-rfcs (for architecture-related restbase issues, so that people can subscribe to them)
    • type: tag
  • RESTBase-Cassandra
    • type: project

It would also be great if I and/or @Jdouglas had project creation rights.



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Please see for required information and provide it here. :)

No need, @GWicke and @Jdouglas should have permissions as soon as we solve T706

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In T75769#784034, @Qgil wrote:

Now @GWicke and @Jdouglas can create projects. See T706#784022

Thanks @Qgil! Went ahead and created RESTBase-architecture and Service-Architecture after thinking some more about the naming. Marking as resolved.