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Provide phabricator link for current task in static-bugzilla banner
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As a user using old-bugzilla to find stuff, when I reach the bug I was looking for I would like to have a clickable link to its current location in phabricator, so that I don't have to manually alter URLs.

Should be enough to just take current ID and make a link to, which will then redirect.

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I asked about this... somewhere, and @Aklapper told me that there is no way to add variables in the Bugzilla banner. Since "it's open source, right?" I guess it is technically possible, but this is something we don't want to invest time on.

Marking as Needs Volunteer, and leaving the rest for @Aklapper to decide.

It looks possible to embed JavaScript in the (HTML) banner on Bugzilla via <script> tags.
Likely someone could write code to check that window.location.pathname contains show_bug.cgi, try to get the ID via'=') or such, add 2000 to the ID, construct the link to the corresponding Phab task, and make it display some string.
I myself don't expect enough users on old-bugzilla to justify spending time working on this, but I could spend those 15min to test such code. :)

Aklapper renamed this task from Provide phabricator link for current task in old-bugzilla banner to Provide phabricator link for current task in static-bugzilla banner .Jun 29 2015, 10:40 AM

If someone wanted this it could maybe be done together with T101522: Update outdated information in top banner on static-bugzilla subpages?

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