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Cursor should not exit a field after autocompletion
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As a user who edits a task to add a project and tab-autocompletes to its name, I want the cursor to stay in the field, so that I can just press enter to confirm.

Currently, the cursor moves to "Create New Project" and I can't just press enter. If I autocomplete with enter, though, the cursor stays. I can press tab twice if I really want to exit the field.

The same issue arises when I autocomplete using click and also on search.

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That link will be now visible only to users with permissions to create new projects. I wonder if this alleviates the need for this report.

Back to the feature requested here.

If I autocomplete with enter, though, the cursor stays.

How hard is it to press enter instead of tab, then?

The current situation looks good enough to me. I don't feel like bothering upstream with this request. I propose to decline it.

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