Can't view a security task though I get emails for changes to it
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In T43455 I'm on the CC list, but not the author. This leads to the strange result, that I can't access the task (I get an "Access Denied: Restricted Task" error), but I do get email notifications for changes to it (for @csteipp's change "added a project: security, visibility and edit policy changed to 'Custom Policy'"). This is inconsistent and strange.

(On a side note, there are two more security bugs where I was the author, but which I still can't view: T60263, which should just be made public as a duplicate of a resolved bug, and T60319, which should be made public according to the last comment, too. The two other security bugs I can access as it should be.)

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We are aware that some access was clobbered to security tickets during migration. It was a undesirable side effect. At this time anyone in the security group could fix it case by case if it's needed, or it will be addressed in the near future.