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Phabricator sends too much email by default
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The default email settings for Phabricator seem to be to mail all the things. This is in contrast to Bugzilla, where a few common scenarios do not result in mail by default:

  • In Bugzilla, adding a new CC only emails that person, not all the other subscribers.
  • In Bugzilla, you do not get emails about your own actions.

These are both sensible defaults, and Phabricator should work the same way unless a user opts in to getting mail for those cases.

From the preferences, it looks like maybe it's not possible to just get email if someone adds *you* as a subscriber, but not for all other subscriber events. If that's not possible, maybe that can be an upstream bug for

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I haven't tested the case of you being CCed and/or mentioned combined with filtered notifications. It looks like these other two tasks mentioned above cover pretty much your report. If something is still missing, feel free creating a task just for that.