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Is it possible to create field in all Analytics projects?
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Would it be possible to create a field in all Analytics projects in order to connect Phabricator tasks to departmental goals?

Our idea is that we'd want to be able to enter the name of the goal, but we'd also want to leave this field blank for work that is not related to goals.

Please let me know if this is possible.


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Custom fields are applied to all tasks. They cannot be restricted to tasks of a certain project, among other things because tasks can move to other projects, and they can also belong to many projects. There is not a 1:1 mapping.

However... two possibilities:

  • Create a task for each departmental goal, and then mark the related tasks as blockers. (simplest and preferred)
  • Create tags for specific departmental goals. Then all the tasks associated to a goal could have such tag.

Wouldn't the end result be basically the same?

The simplest and preferred option of creating a task for the departmental goal and then marking tasks related to it as blockers will work. Thanks!