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Phabricator project names and hashtags inconsistently use spaces, hyphens, and underscores
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Related to T911, in the list of projects at, I noticed a few things:

  • Most of the projects (migrated Bugzilla components) use hyphens.
  • The names of release projects (e.g. "1.19.x release", migrated from Bugzilla's Target Milestone field) contain spaces. The corresponding hashtags contain underscores.
  • Projects such as "Browser_Support_Apple-Safari" (migrated from Bugzilla's Web browser field) use a mix of underscores and hyphens.
  • There are other project names (e.g. "WMF Design") that use spaces as well.

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Thank you, this is very useful!

All these underscores and spaces need to be replaced by dashes. I will volunteer some time on this, since I feel co-responsible for overseeing the "typos" in the migrated projects. It's one of those tasks that can be crowsourced. :)

Browser_Support_somebrowsername → Browser_Support-somebrowsername? I don't see a need to get those results when entering "Support" but not a biggie. Thanks for catching this!

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I went through the list and fixed the cases not included in the two blockers above (release tags and WMF Design projects). There were not many, actually.

This family was interesting: tool-labs-tools-drtrigonbot---general. A triple dash. I left them after checking that search works.

I didn't get to capitalization, a similar topic.

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I believe this is fixed now.