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Make serve images with Timing-Allow-Origin header
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Currently both MultimediaViewer and ImageMetrics read Resource Timing information. Images are CORS requests on our cluster, which means that only "duration" is exposed for them. It turns out that this isn't the best metric to measure network performance, as it may include blocking time: and we need to gather all the information for CORS requests too.

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Lowering priority as we do not plan to work on this anytime soon.

If contributors wanted to work on this (as this task is marked as "easy"), would they find their way with the information given above?
Wondering if this could be a GCI task and if someone was willing to (co-)mentor this.

I'm still hoping to find an empty weekend to turn all easy MM bugs into GCI tasks. That would require a pointer to the right place in puppet.

Change 181405 had a related patch set uploaded (by Unicodesnowman):
Make set Timing-Allow-Origin


Change 181405 merged by Giuseppe Lavagetto:
Make set Timing-Allow-Origin