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Execandexit not setting dplvars ("allowcachedresults = false" not working correctly; appending "&action=purge" works)
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I posted this issue at, but Gero said he no longer maintains this extension. I hope this valuable resource is still being maintained, because we use it a lot on our wiki. Here is the issue I found, with the URLs fully qualified:

The example shown at no longer works. It appears that <code>geturlargs</code> is not setting the dplvars. I copied the example to my wiki here: and I get the "please specify a category via &cat= in the URL!" message regardless of what I put in the URL. I discovered this when the template Category intersection stopped working.

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This problem is likely related to the caching scheme that Wikia uses. I can sometimes get results, but then the same results are repeated regardless of changes in the ?cat= variable. If I purge the page, it goes back to the "please specify a category..." error message. I have specified "allowcachedresults = false" as the first line in the DPL script, but to no avail.

I can get it to work by appending "&action=purge" to the end of the URL. This means that "allowcachedresults = false" is definitely not working correctly (I think).

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