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PDF Rendering problems
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Dear people,

Since a few months, the PDF rendering of Wikipedia's pages has been altered. The font is different as are the picture sizes, this is not a huge problem, were it not for the fact that they're now unable to process or render tables (which includes the important info-boxes or even galleries). The links are all purple too. The old PDF system worked just fine.

I've e-mailed about the issue before but they say that they need time to sort it out and it's very different. I hope it will be resolved soon, because as it is, I can't finish any projects or work properly. Hope some of you are able to help me out


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Please help!

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PDF export is currently disabled (for a few days), cf.
That said, this report is not actionable, I'm afraid. I can add you to the reports discussing tables and links, though.

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I'm closing this report for the reasons above; your comment has been noted. If you have some time to help fix the issues you described, it would be useful to file specific reports for specific (and self-contained) possible improvements, such as T73316 and T73317.

Otherwise, you could post generic comments on tables at ; and I believe you can still make PDF files with the old system, by using the facility for cross-wiki collections (or something) directly on