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Close Fundraising-DE
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I am the owner of Fundraising-DE. Please close the mailing list, it hasn't been used for ages now (about three years now, if I am right). The fundraiser is not organized through this mailing list anymore.

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The way you should close the mailing list is by doing the following: (only listadmins can do)

First, remove the list from the listinfo page display by going to and setting the value to 'No'. Then to reject all new posts go to and in the first rule box, enter 'From: .*' and select the 'Discard' option. This will now discard all emails with a From header (the preferred way when rejecting all mail in mailman).

If spam is an issue after the above, go to and remove all the emails listed there. This will mean no emails will be sent out to people regarding pending requests.


i deleted the list on the server but kept the archives. As mentioned in the request there was no real content since about 2012.

@sodium:/var/lib/mailman/bin# ./rmlist fundraising-de
Not removing archives. Reinvoke with -a to remove them.
Removing list info

still here: