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spaces are eaten by HTML collapsing in "plain format" (raw message source) view
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spaces are eaten by HTML collapsing in "plain format" (raw message source) view

e.g. in a quoted-printable text/html part if "<a" and " href" is broken across two lines then the space at the beginning of " href" is not visible and is also missing when copy/pasting (e.g. into a quoted-printable decoder)

a "white-space: pre-line" (or similar) style may fix this. or else &nbsp;

T76062 is a good test case too. should be "an issue" after decoding instead of "anissue". (first line of quoted-printable source)

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@jeremyb Is this still happening since the update to OTRS 5? Is it reproducible so that he could be reported upstream? I see that T76062 has been resolved since the upgrade.

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On year without an answer ; seems to be fixed or not reproducible anymore.

Also, if this is a OTRS-system issue, it needs to be reported upstream too.