Suggestions list should not be cropped to the dialog they're in, but to the document
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  1. Go to , and find the word Tower in it.
  2. Try to turn it into a wikilink, and click on the word: if your browser window is maximized, you'll see 9 suggested matching pages or so.
  3. Now edit the Bawdsey For Wiki Russ.jpg picture caption in the same page (a red building).
  4. Try to turn the word Tower in that caption into a wikilink like you did above: you'll only get a couple of results, and the others are visible if you scroll down (a scrollbar appears).

    This difference in display for the same word looks confusing to some, who wouldn't mind if the full list of matching pages overlapped the image dialog in the second case, for consistency.
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This can no longer be reproduced.