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Fatal error in MergeUser.php
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On MW 1.24 and the extension snapshot for 1.24. Trying to Merge and delete users if Delete old user is ticked it gives: "Fatal error: Function name must be a string in ...path/extensions/UserMerge/MergeUser.php on line 255" Without the tick it claims to merge the users, but the old user account is still there.

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When I've disabled extension CollapsibleVector this has been fixed.

This problem is related to extension CollapsibleVector.

I'm pretty confident this has nothing to do with CollapsibleVector.

Change 176980 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Use call_user_func for callables


It's not related to CollapsibleVector. The wiki also uses extension ConfirmAccount. When the user account is created so is a user page. Using user merge with delete selected 1.9.0 gives "Fatal error: Function name must be a string in ..../w/extensions/UserMerge/MergeUser.php". But if the user page is first deleted merge and delete then functions okay.

On this wiki, a user page gets created along with the new user account - done by extension confirm account. If I manually delete the user page first, then mege and delete works.

Hi does the extension work now.

Change 176980 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use call_user_func for callables

I think it was fixed. If it wasn't please reopen.