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Network outage on 2014-11-30 affecting analytics infrastructure
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On 2014-11-30, a network outage affected analytics machines and thereby datesets.
We collect the effects and status of backfilling in this bug.

DatasetAffected?Will be backfilled?
Analytics slave databasesno---
Analytics clusterno---
Pagecounts-rawyesyes, not completed yet
EventLogging databaseyesyes, done
EventLogging graphite graphsyesno
geowikiyesyes, done
Wikipedia Zero graphsyesExcluded 2014-11-30 from plots

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It seems a recent change of the HTTPS setup makes pagecounts-raw overcount (T76390). Hence, we
first put pagecount-raw on a sane footing again and then backfill for 2014-11-30 in a consistent way.