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When there are categories in the source article, but CX couldn't find any target categories, a clearer message should be shown
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If the source article has categories, but CX couldn't find any directly corresponding ones, the current messages are: "X categories" in the source column and "No categories" in the target column.

We could consider showing a clearer message, such as "No corresponding categories found". (Of course, I may also be complicating things too much by this...)

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@Pginer-WMF comments? If there is anything actionable, we can address along with OOJS migration

Some additional clarification may help in the case of lack of categories. However, I'd avoid the "found" part to make it more descriptive: "No corresponding categories"

This should be used for the case where the source article has some categories but the target has none.
However, for the case where both articles have no categories, both messages should still be "No categories".