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Provide "add new section" link at the bottom of (discussion) pages
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Author: it

This is a new feature suggestion.

Wiki articles and Talk pages feature an [Edit] link at the beginning of each
main subheading. I'd like to see an additional [Add new section] link at the end
of the page.

If I am taking part in a Talk page discussion, and want to add a new section, I
click on the last [Edit] and add a new heading. I sometimes find that people
edit the last section, resulting in an error, that someone else has edited the page.

An [Add new section] link would let someone continue editing the penultimate
section, or let two people add a new section at the same time, without a clash
of edits.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement



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soumyasch wrote:

The + icon does the same thing.

it wrote:

Sorry, I don't see a + icon on an article page, let alone in place of an [Edit]
link at the end of an article?

titoxd.wikimedia wrote:

You can try adding NEWSECTIONLINK to any page, and that will give the [+]
tab to any page, whether discussion or not. As for the edit link, you can try
some of the magic at [[:w:Template:Main Page discussion footer]].

titoxd.wikimedia wrote:

or [[Template:Main Page discussion footer]], as the link above doesn't work, as
I thought I had to put the entire interwiki link... :)

IAlex added a comment.Jan 3 2009, 4:29 PM
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stvrtg wrote:

The point is to have a [+] or [new] button at the *bottom of the page. We often don't even know we are going to comment until we are done reading previous comments.

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Who ever heard of a website where one has to go back to the top of the page to find the new comment (or "new section") button!

Most websites have a big open mouth comment box right there after the current final comment.

But MediaWiki doesn't even have a new comment button there, but instead way back up at the top!

This only encourages users to click 'edit' on the previous comment... lets hope they get the ==syntax== right! And also the Change Entry won't be as good that way.

Why be so parsimonious as to not offer an additional exact same "New section" button down on the bottom too?

Don't you see an "Additional Comments" box right down at the bottom of this Bugzilla form, (if your are logged in)? See, they are everywhere! Facebook, Google Plus, you name it! "But we're not Facebook". Well then make the button real tiny then. But at least provide it.

  • Bug 70805 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

There is a (default) JavaScript snipped (for some time) in the German Common.js (

 * erzeuge einen "Neuen Abschnitt"-Link an der letzten Überschrift
mw.loader.using( [ 'jquery.accessKeyLabel' ], function() { $( function() {
 var newSectionLink = $( '#ca-addsection a' );
 if( newSectionLink.length ) {
  var link = newSectionLink.clone(); //create a copy
  //avoid duplicate accesskey
  link.removeAttr( 'accesskey' ).updateTooltipAccessKeys();
  //add it within the brackets
  var lastEditsectionLink = $( ' a:last' );
  lastEditsectionLink.after( link );
  lastEditsectionLink.after( ' | ' ); //see [[MediaWiki:Pipe-separator]]
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jeblad added a subscriber: jeblad.Nov 27 2016, 9:29 PM

The gadget on nowiki is described at w:no:Help:New section, use an online translation tool. The code is at w:no:MediaWiki:Gadget-new-section.js ( export). And yes the idea is mugged so many times that no one knows who got it first.

Is there a way to place the link before the "edit" link? Because if I simply change the .after values to .before, the link is created correctly, but for some reason it duplicates the "edit source" label, so I get something like (edit source | edit source), or (ред. код | ред. код) if I'm supposed to be precise. I don't know what causes this, because in English Wikipedia such a change works as intended.