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A minor error in LanguageBs.php file
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Author: balkanboi

Hi all! The problem is, I believe, in one of the lines of code in
LanguageBs.php file. With the current file, on "Project" pages, the "Discussion
page" shows up with grammatical corrections in both "instrumental" and
"locative" versions. The only way without updating this file that this can be
fixed with is to redirect some of the pages to "{{SITENAME}}" instead of
"Projekat" namespaces. But anyway, I have updated the code. Please upload this
new version. Thank you.

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balkanboi wrote:

Updated file to replace "LanguageBs.php" file

Here is the updated file. Thanks again.


balkanboi wrote:

Oh, and if you do not wish to upload the whole file, then the error is on the
following line:

NS_PROJECT_TALK => ($wgMetaNamespaceTalk ? $wgMetaNamespaceTalk :
"Razgovor_o_".$wgMetaNamespace ),

It should be changed to:
NS_PROJECT_TALK => FALSE, # Set in constructor

This is based on the LanguageSl.php version. Which I believe has no errors with
this line.