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Show publishing options dialog when publishing if target title exists in user space
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Timebox: EOD 10 December 2014

When a user tries to publish a translation and the title for that translation is the same as a translation which has already been published to their user space, show a dialog with a message and the following options: 1) 'Keep both versions,' and 2) 'Publish anyway.' There should also be a 'Close' dialog control that cancels publishing and allows the user to edit the translation title. If the user selects 'Keep both versions,' then the title of published translation should include a version number appended at the end — e. g.: 'Title (1).' If the user selects 'Publish anyway,' then the already-published translation will be overwritten.

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Change 177597 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jsahleen):
Publishing: Add publishing options dialog


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Since Santhosh is out next week, I will try to refactor the patch along the lines he suggested instead of waiting for him to do it as previously planned.

Patch has been refactored along the lines suggested by Santhosh. I just needs a quick review and merge. Styling may need some adjustment by Pau.

Change 177597 merged by jenkins-bot:
Publishing: Add publishing options dialog

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