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L107. ToC: Current bugs on flow-tests
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Bugs / problems found on the current ToC build on flow-tests.

  • If you scroll to the bottom of the ToC list before all of the topic titles have loaded, it stops loading titles. If you scroll back up to the top, it starts loading titles again. If you scroll back to the bottom, it stops loading titles again.
  • The point where the header switches to the next topic title is a little too low. You can see this most clearly when you click on a title in the list; the spot it takes you to cuts off the top of the topic titlebar. The point where it switches should be a little higher, so there's a little padding above the titlebar. See attachments: changing title on header - correct & not correct.
  • The bolded item in the topic title list should be black, not blue.

Trello card: CvpmXsFH

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Spage raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Dec 3 2014, 11:07 AM

@SG completed the items that are currently marked checked. He was not able to reproduce the last one. We need to check if it's reproducible at some point.