For Frame type image, the “Make full size” button gets disabled, when switching to other image types.
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Environment- production, beta, test2
Chrome 39

1>Go to Insert -> Media, first change the image type to Frame , then insert.
// by default the image position is right and you cannot make any changes to the image size (I.e. the Default and Custom tabs are grayed out, so is the “Make full size” button)

2>Select the image again and go to advanced settings.
Notice the Make full size button is active now for Frame Image Type.See screenshot.

3> Select any of the other image types, Thumbnail/Basic/Frameless. And then select Frame type again, note the “Make full size” button is grayed out again, not allowing to make any changes to the image.See screenshot.

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The is confirmed - 'Make full size' button becomes active with 'Frame' selection, as described in above steps.

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