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Install pnmtojpeg and ddjvu on UbuntuTrusty contintLabsSlave hosts.
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I tried to move the parsoidsvc-php-parsertests tests over to UbuntuTrusty (node 0.10) in

This is the result:

The PHP parser tests failed because various image-processing tools weren't installed on the contintLabsSlave host.

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The Jenkins slaves have the puppet class mediawik::packages applied and that provides ddjvu.

I confirmed on both Precise and Trusty slaves that:

  • ddjvu is present.
  • pnmtojpeg is not

So it is unlikely it ever worked!

In tests/ there is a DjVuSupport class which is meant to detect whether all the $wgDjvu* settings are properly set. The class is used when flagging a parser test .txt test with the option 'djvu', which would skip the parser test whenever the installation lacks support ( see tests/parser/ and grep djVuSupport).

So my assumption is that whatever change triggered the build is also introducing a parser tests that require djvu but lacks the 'djvu' option. The job should fail on Precise slave as well.

Triggering the job against a dummy commit on a Trusty instance should pass.

@hashar: nope, see the recheck on patch 11 on -- it works when the job was hasSlaveScripts && UbuntuPrecise (the original state, and PS4 -- after the recheck) but fails when the job is contintLabsSlave && UbuntuTrusty (PS3 of -- before the recheck). When the job was hasSlaveScripts && UbuntuTrusty (PS2) the job hung in the queued state forever in zuul -- so I guess there's no machine matching that descriptor?

The labels hasContintPackages and hasSlaveScripts are only applied on the production slaves which are both Precise. They are legacy labels which I should most probably cleanup. As a summary:

  • hasSlaveScripts && UbuntuPrecise matches the production slaves (Precise).
  • contintLabsSlave && UbuntuTrusty matches the labs Trusty slaves.
  • hasSlaveScripts && UbuntuTrusty indeed does not match any host and would cause the job to be stuck.

The jobs using Zend php should use UbuntuPrecise which provides PHP 5.3.x.

I have found out that "pnmtojpeg" is only available on the production slaves. The utility is provided by the puppet chain:

  • Package netpbm
  • mediawiki::packages::multimedia
  • mediawiki::multimedia
  • role::mediawiki::imagescaler or role::mediawiki::videoscaler

The contint packages are defined in contint::packages which only includes mediawiki::packages. So I am going to add mediawiki::multimedia there and that will add pnmtojpeg on the contint slaves.

Change 177770 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
contint: mediawik::multimedia on labs slaves

Patch-For-Review has been applied on the contint puppetmaster.

So you can get the job to run on Precise labs slaves using: contintLabsSlave && UbuntuPrecise

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Change 177770 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:
contint: mw multimedia packages on labs slaves

I think the issue (missing pnmtojpeg on labs slave) is fixed.

The parsoid parsertest job can be migrated to Precise labs instance with contintLabsSlave && UbuntuPrecise (UbuntuTrusty slaves have Zend PHP 5.5.9).

Cool, thanks! I created T76881 to remind me to migrate the last jobs over to node 0.10 now.

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