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Prepare FOSDEM talk about Wikimedia's move to Phabricator
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We got accepted for a 45min session on Wikimedia's move to Phabricator at

Rough plan for content:

  • Reuse stuff from
  • The problem that WM had
  • Discussion, RfC/process, decision to investigate/move to Phab
  • The process
    • Upstream
      • Clear prioritization of tasks; what upstream is not interested in
      • Fast feedback to contributors on blockers or how to address an issue
    • Bugzilla and RT, the unexpected stuff
  • Achievements / what we like
    • More teams in the same place, collaboration, community vs devs, ...
  • Future plans
    • Code review etc
    • Wikimedia vs upstream: No releases; pulling upstream and need to test (CI)
  • (FOSS: What you might dislike?)
    • Relies on Flash for notifications (to be replaced by WebSocket; 6559)
    • CLA for upstream code contributions (judge yourself)
  • Enough time for Q&A

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I was kicking around a similar idea but not for FOSDEM

We'll share when we have something!

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Ahem, a 2014 dated blogpost under a 2015 path? Well, what do I know