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Timestamps not rendering in Bangla numerals in bn-wiki
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Author: ragibhasan

I am an admin in the Bengali language wiki ( ). Most of
it has been localized to render in Bengali language, but the timestamps still
are showing up in English.

For example, here is a timestamp from this diff

The time stamp shows up as follows:

20:31, ২১ এপ্রিল ২০০৬ তারিখের সংশোধন

Note that, the date shows up in Bengali numerals, but the time 20:31, shows up
in English numerals. It should have rendered like this:

২০:৩১, ২১ এপ্রিল ২০০৬ তারিখের সংশোধন

i.e. the time 20:31 should have been rendered in Bangla numerals as ২০:৩১



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gangleri wrote:


Please note that this behaviour can be seen also at
[[fa:special:Recentchanges]], [[hi:special:Recentchanges]] (etc.).

[[bm:special:Preferences]] does not provide a "#prefsection-4" to select
different "Date formats".
[[fa:special:Preferences]], [[hi:special:Preferences]] provide more options for
"Date format" but none showing the *time* with localized numerals.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]


Patched bn: hi: fa: languages files so they do the translation
when calling dateandtime().

See trunk@13908 , not in REL1_6 as I am not sure its really the
way to do it. Will be in 1.7.0 unless someone backport it.

gangleri wrote:

The following languages are also using "local" numerals:

Gujarati (gu:)
Punjabi (pa:)

gangleri wrote:


Kannada (kn:)

gangleri wrote:


Assamese (as:)

Patched Language::time() to use transformed numbers if possible.

gangleri wrote:


Malayalam (ml:) [[ml:template:wikivar]] [[ml:special:Recentchanges]]
Telugu (te:) [[te:template:wikivar]] [[te:special:Recentchanges]]

do not show localized numbers *but*

do. Please reopen this report or a new report if this does not change within one

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:


Beside the languages mentioned above other languages are using numerals which
are *homoglyphes* to the numerals in the basic Latin Unicode block
such languages are:
Tibetan (bo:) [[bo:ser:Gangleri/bugzilla/05679]]
Oriya (or:) [[or:ser:Gangleri/bugzilla/05679]]

see complete list of languages using function digitTransformTable() at