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Limit title input field to max length of topic title (1)
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The titles should be limited to 255 bytes (Not the current 260 bytes). Possibly there's a global variable we can share?) The text-fields should not accept more content than the character/byte limit - currently it extends infinitely, but gives warnings if we try to save with more than 260 bytes. - Compare this with a wikitext page:

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Spage raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Dec 5 2014, 12:56 AM

Someone confused title and text fields on a Flow board. A very long edit summary has been displayed on many watchlists (look at the -1,228 diff). Following this bug, someone ask if it is possible to have a limit for title input.

If a limitation is set up, it should be done to count the final number of characters displayed to allow titles with links (T59153: Allow links in Flow topic titles)- "Title [[with link|linked]]" is 26 or 12 characters long, depending on the way you count it.

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