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Basic search on Flow board (tracking)
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Dec 5 2014, 1:14 AM
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F189125: crowded-filters.png
Jul 6 2015, 5:00 PM
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Jul 6 2015, 5:00 PM
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Jul 6 2015, 5:00 PM
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Jul 6 2015, 5:00 PM
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Jul 6 2015, 5:00 PM
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Clickable prototypes: Search and Filtering

As a user, I would like to search in a Flow board for keywords, so I can find topics and posts that include terms I'm interested in.
The idea is to provide an integrated bar where search, browsing (ToC), and filtering are supported.

Overview.png (768×1 px, 72 KB)

A couple of prototypes (search and filtering) are available to try the basic idea, although the designs have been iterated and a more precise description of how things are expected to work is provided below. Check initial announcement and feedback on the mailing list for more context.

T89422: Turn Flow ToC bar into a Search/ToC bar (Search)

search_bar_default.jpg (385×836 px, 98 KB)

search_bar_search.jpg (427×857 px, 143 KB)

basic-toc-open.png (424×553 px, 40 KB)

toc-sticky-header.png (51×622 px, 5 KB)

T89785: Highlight search results on the current Flow board (Search)

search_first_result.jpg (426×851 px, 83 KB)

T99791: Show an overview of all matches found in a Flow board

Search.png (355×653 px, 36 KB)

T99782: Navigate through results when searching a Flow board

Search.png (349×646 px, 36 KB)

T99786: Show matching topics when searching a Flow board

Browsing details.png (369×585 px, 29 KB)

T89786: Clear search box (Search)

clear_search.jpg (406×832 px, 85 KB)

T89787: "No results found" error handling for Flow search

Search not found.png (248×659 px, 16 KB)

Search not found.png (248×659 px, 16 KB)

T99881: Loading indicator for search in Flow boards

search-loading.png (398×654 px, 37 KB)

T99785: Show richer info on Flow topics at the Table of Contents

Browsing.png (455×577 px, 36 KB)

T90471: Filtering options integrated with new search/TOC

Search.png (404×661 px, 26 KB)

toc-filter.png (458×580 px, 36 KB)

Browsing.png (215×578 px, 19 KB)

crowded-filters.png (257×584 px, 19 KB)

quick-filter-actions.png (166×515 px, 17 KB)

T99878: Communicate that content on a flow board has been filtered

filtered.png (538×670 px, 50 KB)

T99875: Advanced filtering on a Flow board (advanced search panel)

Advanced search.png (627×585 px, 49 KB)

T99880: Auto-complete filters from search bar in Flow

Advanced search details.png (161×580 px, 11 KB)

Main concepts

Basic concept.png (383×896 px, 36 KB)

  • Search:
    • T89785 Results highlighting in-page.
    • T99881 Loading indicator for search.
    • T99782 Navigate through search results.
    • T89786 Clear search box
    • T99791 Overview of all search matches.
    • T89787 No results found.
    • T89422 Integrate ToC in the search bar
    • T99786 Show matching items when searching
  • Advanced
    • T99785 Show richer info on topics: activity, user participation, and readership.
    • T90053 Integrate archived results.
    • T99789 Search as you type.
    • T99882 Surface similar topics when users create a new topic.
    • T102943 Keyboard shortcut.
    • T106551 Open searches in a new view.
  • Filters
    • T90471 Quick filters.
    • T99875 Advanced filter panel
    • T99878 Communicate filtered topics in the flow board content.
    • T99880 Auto-complete filters from search bar .

Additional considerations

Trello card: 67MMTfqA, part of Flow Search (Tracking) in Trello

See also (for site-search) T62493: StructuredDiscussions posts are not indexed in builtin search

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Now that browse topics moves to the side, how does that effect the ToC rendering? When you click Browse topics, is the ToC still full with? When the ToC is collapsed, does it still update its caption to match the currently-on-top topic title as you scroll down the board?

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Flow is in use at Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia, and we are starting to miss a working search functionality.

The full list of feedbacks can be found on w:no:Wikipedia:Torget#Flow (permalink)

If search on a board is implemented, we should also consider to have T132817: Flow boards should use paginated scrolling at the same time. Pagination is not a problem when you can search on a given page.