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HHVM's xhprof_frame_begin() calls from XhprofFrame constructor closed too soon
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The current implementation closes the artificial frame when XhprofFrame::__construct returns and instead leaves the XhprofFrame::__construct frame on the call trace stack. The artificial frame should either be inserted in the call trace stack below the XhprofFrame::__construct frame or the XhprofFrame::__construct should not create and destroy a frame on the stack at all.

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We aren't currently planning on using XhprofFrame, but the same bug effect xhprof_frame_begin() calls made from ProfilerXhprof::scopedProfileIn(). A workaround for this would be to exclude ProfilerXhprof::scopedProfileIn() from profiling, but unfortunately that functionality is also missing from HHVM's XHProf implementation (T76830: HHVM's xhprof does not honor 'ignored_functions' option).

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Closing per T192166.