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Flow watchlist highlighting is not cleared by viewing diffs
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With the deployment of flow on officewiki, I noticed that an edit to the header of OfficeWiki talk:WikiProject OfficeWiki is on my watchlist. When I click the history and then diff to the current version, the "changes you haven't seen yet" highlighting does not go away like it does with normal pages.

Further, the history page itself for that header isn't showing any indication of which revisions were changed since my last visit, again unlike with normal pages.

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(there is currently no highlighting on unseen changes at all in Flow, hence nothing to go away! Here are more details on the 2 problems:)

  1. Example of Watchlist lines using class=mw-changeslist-line-watched that are in bold if we haven't looked at them yet:

INrNtKC.png (140×1 px, 62 KB)

Note: This "Bold-or-Standard text" seems to be a default configuration at most (all?) wikis (Mediawiki/Meta/etc), but Enwiki uses "Green-or-Blue Bulletpoints" instead. [IIRC, the bold annoyed too many people. Torches and pitchforks time.]
To also get the bolding at Enwiki (as in the screenshot) we can use a default-off gadget ( JS and CSS ).
Just in case confusion arises during testing. :-)

  1. Example of History page's class=updatedmarker at Enwiki (Green text reading "updated since my last visit") that is shown if a page is on my watchlist:

C6qtHq2.png (457×1 px, 287 KB)