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Wiktionary Android app has a wrong name and icon
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The Wiktionary app (available via Google Play Store, v1.0.1) has incorrect name and icon.


  • the name of the app is the name of the Wikipedia project in the language of the user (e.g. "Wikipédia" in French).
  • the icon of the app is not the Wiktionary logo, but a generic human reading a book with the Wikimedia foundation colors (green, red, blue);


  • the displayed name should be the name of the Wiktionary project in the language of the user (e.g. "Wiktionnaire" in French), or at the very least the name of the project, "Wiktionary".
  • the app should use the icon of Wiktionary, either the full logo (9 tiles) or the thumbnail (1 tile);

I found the Github repository for this project, but I'm not sure if it is up to date (e.g. compared with the Wikipedia app), or who is in charge of it.

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Regarding the name, I've submitted a PR to fix this:

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Boldly declining this task as per discussion and arguments in T205727: Decide on future of Android Wiktionary app. The way to got forward should be T165495: Generic MediaWiki Android app. If someone plans to take on development responsibility again, feel free to change the task status back to "Open".