Convert Bugzilla URLs in Tasks into Phabricator {links}
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In the current version of T73585, the converted list of bugzilla "See also" links is at the bottom of the description as:

See Also:

I had to manually open all 3 to see what they were. (In old-bugzilla, hovering over the links gave us tooltip descriptions, e.g.)
I suggest converting these URLs into {fancy} Phabricator links, in order to solve this problem, and to start a convention of leaving see also links in that location and format.

See also:
T76101: Phabricator need structured way of relating non-blocking tasks to each other (like Bugzilla's "See also"), showing that relation in both tasks
T687: Convert Bugzilla's "Bug NNNNN" links to "TNNNNN" links in Phabricator

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