Greek character in .svg wrong rendered for replacement- .png
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Author: RainerBielefeldNG

The .svg from a.m. URL contains a "small type Phi", which will be replaced by a
"capital type Phi" in the replacement .png, which is created for using the image
in WIKIPEDIA articles.

Steps tor reproduce:

  1. open a.m. URL you will see the (wrong) "Φ" for the angle
  2. click 'Elevation_angle_0.svg' The .svg image will be shown in your browser (if it is able to show .svg images) with the correct letter "φ".

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


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cdang wrote:

I also have a problem of this kind, where a Δ is replaced by a "D" in the
PNG version, compare


there is also a problem with the arrow heads

For the problem with arrows, see bug 5325.

cdang wrote:

Concerning the \Delta, I'll change the D in Symbol by the unicode character,
which may solve the problem.

cdang wrote:

I've changed the D in symbol font by the unicode character Δ, and it did not
solve the problem: the delta does not appear at all in PNG rendering.

kjoonlee wrote:

Could this be related to bug 8666?

Both test cases appear to be fixed now, after installing more fonts. The problem
with the arrows is unrelated to the original report.

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