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Blog post announcing the RT migration to Phabricator
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The RT migration is a good opportunity to explain the process that were handled via RT and now will be handled in Phabricator.

Draft (edits welcome)

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A Wikimedia blog post? Really?


RT always seemed to me as an extremely internal-only tool. I'm not sure I really see the point in announcing we're moving away from it, perhaps unless a lot of the processes it handles suddenly become open (where appropriate)?

I'm sure that no one who reads the blog has ever heard of RT. (Unless they needed to get some info from it, in which case I'm sure they never want to hear of it again. :) )

We are coupling a change of process and openness with the migration. Issues migrated will be restricted to WMF-NDA but vetted and made public over time. Now Operations Requests will be entirely open unless deemed sensitive. That's a fairly large change in orientation and philosophy.

Well in that case... Putting out a blog post about how we're improving there sounds like a great idea! Thanks.

seems like this tasks needs blog/communications people on it

I think a blog post might also be a decent venue to explain the migration process. Other groups and organizations may be interested in the technical details of how we've gone about moving separate systems (such as RT) into a single unified Phabricator instance.

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A draft with raw text is available at

Your edits for correctness and accuracy are welcome. Or you can also comment here. @chasemp @Aklapper, precise data about the number of tickets migrated is welcome (if possible including open, closed, public, private, although this is not essential).

I will now start adding links and hopefully a couple of images.

The blog is ready to be reviewed. @gpaumier, @Tbayer, this is just a heads up. As soon as @chasemp and @Aklapper review it, it is good to go.

I sent my comments to Quim via email

... and changes made. Thank you!

I'll look at it tomorrow (Friday) and I should be able to publish it then, and if not, next week.