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Add 'Info' link to Kaltura Video Player
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As a user, I can quickly access info abouta video, so that I can learn more about it.

Acceptance Criteria

There should be an easier way to access file information for a video from its modal player window (you now have to first click on the 'Menu' button, then click on the link to the file info page, which puts it two clicks away). Werecommendadding a more prominent link to the file info page in thevideo player's mainUI. This could be done byadding an (i) icon in the bottom bar, as a possible solution for letting people know where to find more info about a file. We would also like to provide author/source attribution more prominently, if possible -- maybe adding an extra line for that at the bottom of the Kaltura video panel?

See this community request on Commons Village Pump .

Pau Ginerwill need to propose a design solution in coming weeks -- before development work can begin.

Next Version

Our goal for next quarter is to integrate video and audio files into the new Media Viewer which we are currently beta testing with still images, so issues like these would be addressed in a consistent way across all media types. But since this could take a while, we would like to address this nagging issue right away.

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In mingle on 2014-03-04 at 22:19:26, @Fabrice_Florin wrote:

Hi Pau, we agreed to postpone this task until we do the Kaltura player 2.0 upgrade next quarter, since the issue will be different. At that time, we will want to also to figure out a way to show a credit for Kaltura both in the stand-alone version of the player as well as in the Media Viewer (e.g. 'Video software by Kaltura'), with a link to their partner site. For now, I am moving this to the next release, when all these video changes will take place.

In mingle on 2014-07-21 at 17:18:29, @MarkTraceur wrote:

Waiting for upgrade

brion added a subscriber: brion.Jul 21 2015, 1:22 AM

So we have no current plans to use Kaltura player in future. I assume there would still want to be an info button though.

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Closing this out; there's a very primitive info button on the videojs player which goes to the File: page, and will be improved later.