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Show PDF Slides in Media Viewer
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As a user, I want to see PDFslides in Media Viewer, so I can view them in larger size.

Acceptance Criteria

​Media Viewer needs to be able to show PDF slides, so users can browse through these PDF slides, with features like:

  • Next slide
  • Previous slide
  • Go to slide (select a page by number and/or thumbnail)
  • Timeline bar(optional: thumbnail strip for previews)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (page up/down arrow keys?)

​* Implement PDF slides as 'collections' of media (if possible)

See this design exploration PDF on how Media Viewer design concepts can support different media types.

For specific design recommendations, review slides starting at page 4 (see mockup below, and notes below that).



  • One challenge is to differentiate the slide next/previous buttons from the Media Viewer's own file next/previous buttons
  • The slide previews do not seem as important as next/previous and Go to, IMHO (but we want feature parity with what exists already)
  • Here's how PDF slide browsing is now supported on Commons (it's not bad, though we could do better):

  • We could try to reuse/extend the concept of collections.
  • Open design question: Where, conceptually, do pages in a PDF belong? As part of the in-article image queue? As part of a subqueue that the user can enter separately?
    • Suggestion: Collection elements can be presented with a number in the collection view. No need to use numbers on what is not a page. I would presents collections flat (not getting in and out, just highlight the borders where a collection ends).
  • Suggestion: No thumbnail strip needed for slide timeline, could use the same small timeline as for a video.

About Media Viewer

Read more on MediaWiki product page .

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I see this one as 3 subcards: extend code to allow for multipage documents (with the UX that goes with it), extend code to allow for easy format plugins (this one is actually commons with video), and one last subcard for PDF support

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