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Integrate Kaltura Player 2.0 in Media Viewer
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As a developer, I want to integrate the Kaltura Player v2in Media Viewer, so I can provide better performance, support more file formats and offer an improved audio-visual experience for our users.

Acceptance Criteria

We would like to integratethe Kaltura Player v2 in Media Viewer, to benefit from their their latest updates.

  • Update all current players to the Kaltura Player v2, without Media Viewer
  • Integrate the Kaltura Player v2 to play audio and videoinsidethe Media Viewer
  • Confirm that these openfile formats play well, both within and without the Media Viewer, with no glitches:
  • Video: WEBM,OGG
  • Audio:OGG, WAV, MIDI and X-FLAC.


  • The Kaltura player 2.0can be skinned as needed.
  • Links to Kaltura player specifications will be added to this card shortly.
  • We are setting up phone calls and in-person meetings with Kaltura in mid-February and early March to help us.
  • We will coordinate this work with Michael Dale at Kaltura, along with his colleaguesItay Kinnrot and Asher Shiratzky.
  • In the first implementation, we will go for whichever solution seems more practical from a development and community maintenance perspective, then incrementally improve the quality and optionsover time, in consultation with our community.
  • See separate cards for Video support (see #162 ),Audio support (see #163 ) and TimedMedia Handler upgrade (see #165 ).

About Media Viewer

Read more on MediaWiki product page .

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MingleTerminator raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Dec 8 2014, 4:25 PM
In mingle on 2014-02-03 at 14:44:12, @Gilles wrote:

Isn't this part of #165 ? Or are we planning on implementing video without kaltura first?

In mingle on 2014-02-03 at 14:44:52, @Gilles wrote:

I meant the same as #162

In mingle on 2014-02-19 at 16:47:57, @Fabrice_Florin wrote:

Hi Gilles, we may want to start the Media Viewer integration with the current version of Kaltura player, which is known to work. This is why I kept the two tasks separate. But we can discuss this in our Feb. 19 introductory meeting with the Kaltura team.

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Seems like we are moving away from Kaltura.