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Upload Videos from Internet Archive
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As a user, I can easily upload free videos from the Internet Archive to Commmons, so that I can add more great video content to our wikis.

Acceptance Criteria

Enable users to upload free videos from theInternet Archive and importthem to Wikimedia Commons, as we do now to import Flickr images to Commons .

  • Show 'Upload from Internet Archive' button on Upload Wizard
  • If the user clicks on the button, show a URL field with a prompt to paste the URL of the Internet Archive file they want to upload
  • Send arequest to the Internet Archive's Metadata API to access the meta-data for this file
  • Check that this file is indeed marked as ' CC-BY ', Public Domain or other indication that it can be shared freely to Commons
  • Check that this file's contributor is not on a blacklist of users that have previously been flagged for copyright violations
  • Send arequest to the Internet Archive API to transfer the Ogg video file to Commons, along withthe related meta-data
  • Transfer the Ogg video file and meta-data to Commons, and transcode into other open formats as needed
  • Provide a 'Via Internet Archive' credit in the description, with a link to their video file page
  • Notify the user that the transfer is complete , and invite them to edit the Commons file as needed
  • (if requested by community)Only show this button to authorized users initially (e.g. auto-confirmed editors, reviewers or admins)

<u>Notes</u>: The Internet Archive already has all the tools needed to upload videos in a developer page provides very helpful information on how to use these tools.

We recommend starting with a very simple implementation, which would add an ‘Upload from Internet Archive’ tool on Commons. This button would invite users to copy and paste the URL of the Internet Archive file they wish to upload, like the tool used by Commons administrators or reviewers to import images from Flickr (see screenshots below).

To get started, we may want to invite a community developer to create a simple tool powered by the Wikimedia Toolserver, similar to Flickr upload bot ,to perform some of its verification and file transfer functions, such as: retrieving the metadata from the IA Metadata API, confirming that it has the appropriate license, checking a blacklist of contributors, then uploading the file.

Flickr Upload Info

Here is some background info about the current Flickr Upload tool, which is now only available to Commonsadmins and reviewers:

Here is what the current Flickr upload tool looks like, as shown to authorized users of the Upload Wizard's first screen:

Commons-Flickr-Upload-Button.png (151×299 px, 13 KB)

... and here is the next screen you see after you click on 'Share images from Flickr', prompting you to add the Flickr URL:

Commons-Flickr-Upload-URL-field.png (146×732 px, 18 KB)

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