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BetaFeatures Extension Update for Notifications
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As a developer, I need to make changes to the BetaFeatures extension to support special notifications (see #425 New Feature Notification).

Acceptance Criteria

We want to support #425 New Feature Notification, so we cannotify users when a new feature is ready for testing, before it is released.

Be sure to check this wiki specification for Echo notifications of Beta Features , which will replace this Mingle card for development purposes.

To that end, we need to do the following changes to the Beta Features extension :

  • anchors for direct link to the BetaFeature)
  • yellow highlight to show which BetaFeature is selected
  • a new framework for supporting notifications
  • a maintenance script, as needed
  • More changes may be needed, once we have a final design.

See also

See also this proposal for BetaFeatures notifications , one of which is being worked on by Legoktm: "new feature available".

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