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Create maintenance script to validate composer.lock against composer.json
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Create a maintenance script that when run will validate the contents of the first of ( $IP/composer.lock, $IP/vendor/composer.lock ) against the required library versions in $IP/composer.json. This validation script should assert that all libraries required in composer.json are present in composer.lock and that the versions in composer.lock match the versions specified in composer.json. If any library is found to be missing or not of a matching version the script should exit with a non-zero status and provide a list of the out of date dependencies.

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The core business logic for this maintenance script should probably be implemented by a class in includes/libs so that it would be possible to implement additional features that validate Composer installed libraries.

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Change 178264 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Add checkComposerLockUpToDate.php script


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Change 178264 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add checkComposerLockUpToDate.php script

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