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Create vagrant role for Commons
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As a developer, I can test my code with a Commons-like setup, so that I don't have to find out after deploying that it totally breaks with ForeignDb[ViaLB]Repo files.

Acceptance Criteria

  • add load-balanced (master/slave) DB support (or a credible-enough simulation of it) to MediaWiki-Vagrant (Bryan Davis can help with this part)
  • dig up Commons settings fromoperations/mediawiki-config, create a puppet class for a wiki which uses that configuration
  • add a commons role to MW-Vagrant which adds a Commons-like wiki and configures the main wiki to use it as an image backend. Use the newly-minted multi-wiki support and the virtualhost hack.
  • (for extra points: add similar support for non-LB shared DB and for API remotes.)

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Blocked on either Ori or Bryan reviewing.