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Investigate Erik's ideas about why enwiki is not equivalent to other wikis
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  1. Greater aversion to change due to more established community structure, more stable long term readership, much larger and therefore more vocal audience. This is the obvious one, and we've seen this pattern across features.
  2. The majority of our media files have English-language metadata. This makes the metadata less useful for speakers of other languages, but more useful for English speakers.
  3. English Wikipedia has a lot of fair use content which Media Viewer doesn't handle very well (small images, metadata poorly extracted).
  4. Generally, I suspect that we have major discoverability issues with the metadata panel. How many of the users who complain that we're "dumbing things down" are aware that the panel exists? We don't really know, but we do know that 20M image views stand in relation to 65K metadata open panel action, according to our dashboard. This suggests that a lot of users are simply ignoring the panel and dismissing Media Viewer out of hand.

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