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Identify metrics which show changes in reader file view behavior
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As a community member, I can see whether Media Viewer is really the harbinger of doom, so that I can make a more informed decision on accepting/refusing it.

Acceptance Criteria

There were several concerns about how Media Viewer changes reader behavior (they won't see the metadata anymore, they won't see licenses anymore, they won't be able to download etc). These are testable hypotheses and we should be able to test them - if we aren't, that's a sign of missing the right metrics.

  • identify key metrics which can be used to track certain kinds of image usage pre-MediaViewer. Some ideas:
  • file page view counts
  • file view counts ( #628 ), also fileviews for the original, and for specific sizes which are linked from the file page
  • scroll-down event on file pages / scroll-into-view event for e.g. license templates on file pages
  • various clickthrough rates on the file page (download/reuse links, license description, institutions, sources etc)
  • article view / filepage view ratio for some highly visible images like mainpage thumbnails
  • identify key metrics for the same kinds of usage post-MediaViewer. Sometimes this will be the same metric, but some alternatives:
  • MMV view count / file page clickthrough for some specific image
  • reuse panel clicks
  • metadata panel scrolls
  • number of people who have the "scrolled down metadata panel" set

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