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Can't select Raw Signature when there's a brace-enclosed command in the nickname field
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Author: drrngrvy

Note: I've only tried this on Wikipedia.

If I enter something like {{subst:User:Foo/Bar}} or even {{CURRENTDATE}} as a
nickname and select the 'Raw signature' checkbox, I get the following error:

mOptions not defined


  • GlobalFunctions.php line 652 calls wfBacktrace()
  • Parser.php line 2628 calls wfDebugDieBacktrace()
  • - line - calls Parser::braceSubstitution()
  • Parser.php line 2310 calls call_user_func()
  • Parser.php line 2398 calls Parser::replace_callback()
  • Parser.php line 3569 calls Parser::replaceVariables()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 242 calls Parser::cleanSig()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 118 calls PreferencesForm::savePreferences()
  • SpecialPreferences.php line 15 calls PreferencesForm::execute()
  • SpecialPage.php line 449 calls wfSpecialPreferences()
  • SpecialPage.php line 310 calls SpecialPage::execute()
  • Wiki.php line 155 calls SpecialPage::executePath()
  • Wiki.php line 47 calls MediaWiki::initializeSpecialCases()
  • index.php line 134 calls MediaWiki::initialize()
  • index.php line 3 calls require()

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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robchur wrote:

Should be addressed in SVN trunk, r13979.