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Thousands and decimal separators for Norwegian
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Recently a thousands separator was added to {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}. However, the
separator is "."; a . in numbers means nothing in Norwegian - except perhaps
version no. (like in MediaWiki 1.6.2). The correct thousands separator is a
space - preferrably using nbsp, as line breaks inside numbers is considered bad
typography. The decimal separator for ParserFunctions expressions is actually
also set to a ".", while that should correctly be ",". If those could be
changed, that'd be great.

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Is this a request for norwegian wikis or a global one?

help you?

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

Is this a request for norwegian wikis or a global one?

I'm going to suggest it's a Norweigan-specific one, since the separator's been
there since the word has, and I'll wager the number formatting functions for
Norweigan were updated not too long ago.

Ulf.Lunde wrote:

This is already fixed in the Norwegian Wikipedia at nn.
But on nb {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} still contains a period.

Please note that both nynorsk (nn) and bokmål (nb) use the same conventions in
cases like this (e.g. non-breakable space as thousands separator), so when a fix
is made for one Norwegian Wikipedia, it can be applied also to the other one.

I assume you are speaking of the, which is exactly what I
fixed. was already using nbsp.